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Guđmundur Ađalsteinn Ásgeirsson
„Eina eftirsjáin á 11 ára ferli eru árin inn í skápnum"
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Robbie Rogers hefur ákveđiđ ađ leggja fótboltaskóna til hliđar.

Rogers, sem er ţrítugur ađ aldri, varđ fyrsti leikmađurinn í MLS-deildinni til ađ opinbera ţađ ađ hann vćri samkynhneigđur.

Hann endađi feril sinn hjá LA Galaxy, en hann segir ađ ţađ eina sem hann sjái á eftir séu árin sem hann eyddi í skápnum.

„Sem ungur drengur dreymdi mig um ađ verđa atvinnumađur í fótbolta og spila fyrir ţjóđ mína fyrir framan heiminn," segir í yfirlýsingu sem Rogers sendi frá sér á Instagram.

„Mín eina eftirsjá á 11 ára ferli mínum eru árin sem ég eyddi í skápnum," segir hann enn fremur.

Auk ţess ađ leika međ LA Galaxy lék Rogers međ Herenveen, Columbus Crew, Leeds og Stevenage á ferli sínum. Hann lék 18 landsleiki fyrir Bandaríkin og skorađi í ţeim tvö mörk.

As a young boy I dreamed of becoming a professional soccer player and representing my country in front of the world. But as a teenager I grew more and more consumed by fear and shame. And sadly, at some point the scared kid inside me decided that pursuing my dream meant sacrificing a part of myself and hiding my sexuality from the world instead of embracing it. My happiest years as a player are the ones where I could walk through the stadium at the end of games down the tunnel to my partner and son waiting for me at the other end. And my only regret in my eleven year career are the years I spent in the closet. I wish I could have found the courage that so many young individuals have shared with me in the past five years to live honestly and openly as a gay person. These are the young people that inspired me to overcome my fears and return to playing. They’re still the kids that send me letters every week. To those kids, I say thank you. My proudest accomplishment in my career is helping to create a more open sport for you. None of this would have been possible without my teammates and brothers on and off the field, without the LA Galaxy and Bruce Arena who saw me as another player and not a distraction, or without the fans who judged me for my work ethic and my play and not my sexuality. And finally, it couldn’t have been possible without my family, who loved me through all of my ups and downs and always supported my dreams and still do. Lastly to all of the women and men who are still frightened to share their truth with the world, I’d encourage you to come out. By sharing who you are you will not only be improving your own life but inspiring and literally saving the lives of young people across the world. You deserve to take that same walk, down the players tunnel and have your own partner or loved ones waiting for you. Again thank you to everyone who watched or help me follow these dreams. I could never have imagined the happiness I’ll take with me into retirement and into my next chapter.

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